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All About Camp Berry

It's All About Having Fun!

We at Camp Berry apply our talents and enthusiasm toward ensuring every child enjoys their camp experience. All children want to have fun and usually find it easily. As best we can, we will offer an array of diversions that will interest them.

Typically, each day begins with some free play and glides into some type of art project or scheduled special activity. All children are introduced to the project and may participate if it interests them. Naturally, games, sand and water play, painting, make believe, and free play with friends, are continual options. Whether playing inside or out, there are plenty of toys, puzzles, and hands-on items to engage both the timid and confident child. Children soon have favorite items and activities they enjoy most and request frequently. Ideally, camp should be a “wonderland of permissive delights”. We aim to please. Accordingly, a wonderland needs its delights. Children will be encouraged to try new things, learn new games, and participate in art activities.

Some children will fly with their new skills, while others will hasten back to what they were doing beforehand. Fun being relative, they will ultimately spend their day engaged in activities they find interesting. Planned-to-the-nines art project may seem completely useless to the 3 year old who adores kitchen make believe. Go figure. However, observing older children enjoying a particular project often sways the younger ones to give it a try. No matter the number of hours your child spends with us, each day will be full of creative outlets for play and learning. We take our cues from the children themselves...having FUN is what camp is all about!!!

Who’s Minding My Child?

Florence Akingbade: 25 years a trusted and helpful assistant in our Montessori school; a genius with a sewing machine; always in the right place at the right time
Jennifer Berry: 38 years working with children; loves sharing art ideas with kids
Meli Strova; a brilliant music teacher with an amazing curriculum for children

Katie Harris Banks: The best dance teacher ever! Katie has the keen ability to engage all children!

Valerie Valentine: 24 year veteran of brilliant art activities and fun activities for young children

Lea Mendy: Delightful addition to our staff; warm, considerate, and engaging. The children love her!

Teen camp counselors: One or two older teenagers will round out the assembly. All teenagers are returning students of the Montessori School who we have known since they were 3!

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